The PlayStation VR2 is getting an adapter to support PC

Earlier this year, Sony promised to free the PlayStation VR2 from its dependence on the PS5 by enabling compatibility with PCs. We are now getting a clearer picture of what that might entail, as the company seems to be developing a PC adapter for the headset.

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A recent Korean filing discovered by VR and mixed-reality enthusiast Brad Lynch, and highlighted by The Verge, indicates that Sony has created such a peripheral. While specific details on the adapter’s functionality, appearance, or cost are not yet available, this finding supports earlier indications that the headset would connect to PCs via a wired connection.

The type of connectivity Sony plans to use remains uncertain. Unlike its complex predecessor, the PS VR2 connects to the PS5 with a single USB-C cable. On the other hand, Meta Quest headsets use a USB 3 connection for PC gaming. Sony might be considering using DisplayPort or HDMI ports to enhance image quality.

Sony hopes that PC compatibility will boost the sales of its headset, which has not yet achieved widespread popularity. Despite the PS VR2’s impressive hardware, it has faced limitations, including a restricted library of games available on the PS5. With PC support, users would have access to a much larger selection of VR games.

Currently, the PS VR2 is $100 off as part of Sony’s Days of Play sale. The discount applies to both the standalone headset, reduced from $550 to $450, and the Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle, which has dropped to $500.

Overall, enabling PC support for the PS VR2 could be a strategic move for Sony, potentially increasing the headset’s appeal and market penetration by tapping into the broader PC gaming community.