ChatGPT could be getting a search feature

OpenAI is in the process of developing a search feature for ChatGPT, aiming to position the chatbot as a viable competitor to Google Search. Bloomberg reports that the company is actively working on this capability, allowing ChatGPT to scour the internet for answers to user queries and present results complete with citations to their sources, drawing from platforms like Wikipedia or blog posts.

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In a version of the experimental search function highlighted by Bloomberg, ChatGPT has the ability to display relevant images alongside textual responses. For instance, if the inquiry pertains to tasks like “how to change a doorknob” or “how to clean a split-type AC,” the chatbot could incorporate illustrated instructions or diagrams into its responses.

However, Bloomberg cautions that while ChatGPT already offers search capabilities for paying customers, there have been instances of inaccurate responses or citations.

Earlier this month, Twitter user DataChaz reported OpenAI’s creation of a new subdomain, Although it briefly redirected to the main ChatGPT page over the weekend, attempting to access it now yields a “Not found” message. While the company has not officially confirmed this development, the pursuit of AI-powered search aligns with its strategy to compete with industry leaders.

Google’s recent expansion of AI-driven search results to users who haven’t opted in underscores the importance of such initiatives. Additionally, Perplexity, a startup valued at $1 billion, has gained attention for its AI-powered search engine, utilized by Rabbit to respond to inquiries made through the R1 device.