Apple may include AI features in iOS 18 on-device

With WWDC 2024 approaching, rumours suggest a significant focus on artificial intelligence (AI). While competitors like Microsoft and OpenAI have dominated the AI space, Apple seems poised to make a splash with its own on-device AI features in iOS 18 and other upcoming updates.

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According to reliable Apple insider Mark Gurman, all signs point towards entirely on-device AI functionalities within iOS 18. This means features won’t rely on cloud processing – a stark contrast to most current AI services.  Here’s the benefit: your data never leaves your device. All processing happens locally, ensuring privacy and functionality even without an internet connection. Additionally, on-device processing can potentially lead to faster response times and improved reliability.

There’s a trade-off, however. Compared to AI powered by vast cloud resources, on-device AI may have limitations in certain functionalities. For these situations, Gurman previously mentioned Apple exploring partnerships with cloud-based AI providers like Google or Baidu to fill in the gaps on iPhones. The exact implementation details remain to be seen.

Beyond AI, iOS 18 promises other exciting upgrades. Users might finally gain the freedom to arrange app icons on the home screen in any way they please, breaking free from the current grid system. Additionally, long-awaited RCS messaging support could bridge the gap between iPhone and Android users, enabling richer text messaging experiences. Enhancements to Apple Maps and Notes are also rumoured to be part of the update.

The official unveiling of iOS 18, alongside other software updates, is expected at WWDC on June 10th, 2024. With a focus on on-device AI and other user-centric features, Apple’s upcoming software update has the potential to significantly improve the user experience on iPhones and other Apple devices.