Huawei launches the new Pura 70 flagship series

Huawei Technologies introduced its latest series of smartphones on Thursday, the Pura 70 smartphone series, which ranges from the equivalent of R14,500 (before taxes) to R26,500 for the Ultra edition, comparable in price to some iPhone 15 models. The device, launched with minimal promotion on WeChat, quickly became a trending topic on social media. The Ultra model features a retractable camera with an adjustable aperture, a unique offering in consumer phones.

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The Pura series highlights Huawei’s revival, as the company released the Mate60 series in 2023, which featured a processor previously thought to be beyond the reach of Chinese chipmakers. Although Huawei hasn’t disclosed the processor of the new phone, several online reviews on Thursday indicated that higher-tier models contain a Kirin 9010 chip, a progression from the Kirin 9000s in the Mate60 Pro, which was celebrated in China last year as proof of the country’s ability to surpass US sanctions.

Since its August release, the Mate60 has led to a significant drop in iPhone sales in China and helped Huawei surpass its domestic competitors.

Previously known as the P series, the Pura line has long been distinguished by its camera performance. Offering a new option for domestic users may increase pressure on the iPhone, which is not expected to receive an update until September. For Huawei, it represents a step toward restoring its consumer business, previously a major source of revenue growth.