The Google One VPN feature is being shuttered

If you’re one of the relatively few people using Google One’s VPN service, you might be disappointed to hear that Google is phasing out the feature later this year. Google initially introduced the VPN feature in 2020, but it was limited to users with plans offering at least 2TB of storage, costing a minimum of $10 per month. Last year, the company made the VPN available across all Google One plans, including the basic $2 per month option, making it more accessible.

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Currently, users can access Google One’s VPN in 22 supported countries on both iOS and Android devices, as well as on Mac and Windows computers. Google did not specify an exact date for the VPN’s discontinuation, but it confirmed to 9to5Google that the service will be phased out because “people simply weren’t using it.” Rather than attempting to boost usage, Google is reallocating its resources to other, more popular Google One features.

Despite the discontinuation of Google One’s VPN service, Pixel users will still have access to a free VPN through the Settings app on Pixel 7 and newer models.