Ubisoft drops a new Star Wars Outlaws trailer and release date

Calling all smugglers and scoundrels! Ubisoft has unveiled a thrilling new story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, offering a deeper look into the ragtag crew you’ll lead in this upcoming open-world adventure.

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Developed by Massive Entertainment using their stunning Snowdrop engine, Star Wars Outlaws puts you in the boots of Kay Vess, a determined scoundrel seeking freedom by taking on high-stakes jobs for the galaxy’s underworld elite. The trailer teems with iconic Star Wars lore, from the imposing Jabba the Hutt to a glimpse of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Keep your eyes peeled for even more “blink and you’ll miss it” easter eggs scattered throughout.

Mark your calendars! Star Wars Outlaws officially launches on August 30, 2024. This confirms the earlier leak from a Japanese trailer, meticulously picked up by Insider Gaming. Gear up for action on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and PC. Pre-orders are now open, with the base game priced at $70. Aspiring outlaws can also snag premium editions offering cosmetic DLC, art packs, and an exclusive mission.

The August release date conveniently positions Star Wars Outlaws as the perfect post-show companion to Disney+’s upcoming series, Star Wars: The Acolyte. Looks like fans will have a double dose of Star Wars adventures to dive into soon!