Bluesky opens to the public, reaches 1 million sign-ups a day

The open-source X alternative, Bluesky, experienced a surge in new users within just one day of opening its platform to the public. The service welcomed over 850,000 new users, pushing its total sign-ups to slightly over 4 million.

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Previously confined to an invitation-only beta for about a year, Bluesky had amassed slightly over 3 million users before its public debut. Presently, it boasts close to 4.1 million sign-ups, as reported by an online tracker. Bluesky CEO Jay Graber conveyed the momentum in a post on X, stating, “Things are rolling over here.”

This influx of new users signifies sustained curiosity about the platform backed by Jack Dorsey, which originated as an internal project at Twitter in 2019. It also suggests that Meta hasn’t monopolized the market for text-based Twitter alternatives entirely. Meta’s Threads app, announced to have 130 million monthly users last week, serves as evidence of competition.

Graber has emphasized Bluesky’s intention to grow gradually, allowing space to develop the platform and its underlying protocol without the strains of sudden growth surges. However, recent technical issues, including problems with custom feeds and a brief overnight outage, underscored the challenges of rapid expansion. The company swiftly resolved the outage within a couple of hours.

Bluesky’s future success will rely on sustaining growth and retaining the interest of its expanding user base. Similar platforms like Threads and X experienced initial spikes in users, followed by declines before eventual rebounds.

While Bluesky shares similarities with Threads and X, it represents a fundamentally distinct platform, aligning with the trend towards decentralized social media. Its open-source protocol operates akin to a “permanently open” API, facilitating numerous developers building their own experiences. Offering enhanced customization features such as custom algorithms and user-controlled content moderation settings, Bluesky distinguishes itself in the social media landscape.