YouTube is making a Vision Pro app after all

YouTube has revealed plans for a Vision Pro app, confirming its inclusion in the platform’s roadmap. In an email statement, YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby expressed enthusiasm for the launch of Vision Pro and assured support for YouTube users accessing the platform via Safari. While no specific details were shared, Gibby confirmed the development of a Vision Pro app.

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This announcement comes after YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix initially declined to allow their iPad apps to run on Vision Pro. Notably, YouTube had not previously indicated plans for a dedicated visionOS app, suggesting a shift in strategy, possibly influenced by the popularity of Juno, an alternative YouTube app for Vision Pro. However, Gibby refrained from providing a timeline for the app’s release, leaving observers to speculate on potential enhancements.

Despite these developments, YouTube and Apple have yet to address compatibility issues with the extensive library of 360 and VR videos on YouTube. While YouTube has supported 3D and 360 content for years, these features remain inaccessible on Vision Pro. Apple’s stance suggests concerns regarding content quality and potential motion discomfort, emphasizing its focus on delivering high-quality spatial experiences through proprietary features like Apple Immersive Video.

Regarding VR and 360 video support on Vision Pro, YouTube has not provided clarification despite inquiries. Moreover, Vision Pro users have encountered limitations with WebXR support in Safari, hindering access to various VR content types. Apple acknowledges these challenges, citing ongoing efforts to improve WebXR compatibility while emphasizing their commitment to enhancing spatial computing experiences on the web.

YouTube’s announcement of a Vision Pro app marks a significant development in content accessibility for Vision Pro users. However, unresolved issues with VR and 360 video support underscore the need for continued collaboration between YouTube, Apple, and the broader web standards community to deliver seamless spatial computing experiences on the Vision Pro platform.