You can charge your phone by using the Lifespan standing desk bike

I’ve always wondered about the practicality of working while using an under-desk bike. During CES 2024, LifeSpan showcased their recently launched Ampera standing desk bike. Setting it apart from other desk bikes, the Ampera is designed to harness your energy and utilize it to charge your phone through its 15W Qi charging plate. Moreover, if you find that your legs have extra power, you can recharge your laptop using the 65W USB-C port.

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One remarkable feature is that it operates entirely on its own power, generated through your cycling efforts. LifeSpan’s estimates suggest that in just half an hour, you could achieve up to a 50 percent charge for your phone. Cycling at speeds over 60 rpm allows you to produce 65 watts per hour, ample for charging your laptop or USB battery pack. Complementing the device is a companion app, offering the ability to track the power generated, calories burned, and even change the colour of the embedded RGB light. Even in the less-than-ideal conditions of a CES media event, the Ampera proved comfortable for work. Positioned with my laptop on a tall cocktail table, I maintained a brisk typing speed while gradually adding power to my phone. Sturdily built, the desk bike provides a stable platform for exercising, and it includes wheels for easy manoeuvrability. I can easily envision having one of these under my standing desk, effortlessly sliding in and out for those times when I prefer indoor cycling over venturing out into the real world.