The Swarovski smart binoculars identifies birds you’re spotting

Birdwatching just got a brain upgrade – Swarovski’s AX Visio binoculars aren’t just about seeing feathers, they’re about knowing them. Forget squinting at cryptic field guides; this sleek pair identifies any bird you point at, whispering its name through a Merlin Bird ID database with over 9,000 species tagged. Is it a common robin or a visiting redheaded woodpecker? The AX Visio knows, even judging the certainty with an unexpected location bonus.

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But these aren’t just smart-aleck binoculars. A function wheel, like a camera’s, unlocks a world of discovery. See that dragonfly flitting by? Switch to the Wildlife ID and identify its shimmering species. Snap a photo or video with the built-in camera, instantly sending it to your phone. And the possibilities don’t stop there. Think star constellations or airplane types – future custom databases let you nerd out on whatever sparks your curiosity.

Sharing your finds is a breeze too. Tag a majestic hawk, hand the AX Visio to your friend, and watch as flashing arrows guide them to your exact viewpoint. It’s like a treasure hunt through nature, made as elegant as it is useful (bonus: a built-in compass helps you navigate once you’re there).

Sharp optics haven’t been sacrificed for smarts. Up to 10x magnification with stunning light transmission delivers crisp, colourful views thanks to Swarovski’s legendary lenses. They boast near-flat, distortion-free images that’ll leave even seasoned birdwatchers impressed.

Sure, a hefty €4,600 price tag might make your wallet sing the blues, but consider it an investment in knowledge and unforgettable outdoor adventures. Think of it as closing the gap between your birding skills and your father-in-law’s hawk-like vision. Who knows, maybe with the AX Visio by your side, you’ll soon be the one pointing out rare warblers and teaching him a thing or two.

The AX Visio might not be for everyone, but for passionate birdwatchers and tech-savvy explorers, it’s a game-changer. It’s more than just binoculars; it’s a pocket-sized guide, a wildlife camera, and a shared adventure waiting to happen. So, pack your curiosity, grab your AX Visio, and get ready to see the world – and its feathered inhabitants – in a whole new light.