The Pebble Flow is a futuristic solar electric RV

Forget gas guzzlers and cramped interiors. The Pebble Flow, unveiled at CES 2024, reimagines RVs for the electric age, prioritizing comfort, clever tech, and seamless integration with your electric tow vehicle.

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This 7.6-metre (25-foot) marvel is designed for families of four, offering 14 square metres (150 square feet) of living space. Unlike some rivals, Pebble Flow keeps its dimensions consistent, eliminating awkward pop-outs and maximizing efficiency. Powering this mobile oasis is a 45-kWh LFP battery and a 1-kW solar panel, providing juice for about a week of off-grid adventures. And if that’s not enough, it supports Level 3 DC fast charging (0 to 80% in about an hour) and even lets you power other devices, recharge an EV, or even keep the lights on during outages.

But the real magic lies in the optional dual-motor Magic Pack. This transforms the Pebble Flow into a self-propelled RV, capable of self-parking and automatic hitching (thanks to an NVIDIA Drive Orin SoC) – a game-changer for EV towing. Say goodbye to plummeting range; with self-propulsion, trips of up to 320 kilometres (200 miles) between charges become a reality.

Inside, a contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired design welcomes you. A detachable tablet serves as the RV’s nerve centre, controlling lighting, temperature, locks, and even activating the Magic Hitch. Biometric or password authentication safeguards against accidental button presses.

The dining area boasts a wraparound couch and table, cleverly transforming into a bed at night. The kitchen, surprisingly spacious for its size, features induction burners (removable for outdoor cooking!), a 180-degree swivel faucet, and a 4-in-1 microwave/oven/toaster/air fryer combo.

But the star of the show is the bathroom. Its glass wall, initially transparent for a sense of openness, turns opaque at the touch of a button. No more toddler privacy mishaps – the only function in the RV not controllable from the tablet or app.

A queen-size Murphy bed in the back doubles as a workspace, showcasing Pebble Flow’s versatility. Park it at home, and it can even become an office or a separate living unit.

While no single element screams “revolutionary”, it’s the smart integration that impresses. From convenient app control to the generous battery capacity, everything works seamlessly with your electric tow vehicle, paving the way for effortless camping experiences.

Starting at $109,000, with the Magic Pack pushing it to $125,000, the Pebble Flow marks a bold step towards EV-compatible RVs. Pre-orders are live, with deliveries expected before the year ends.