LG made a high-tech camping trailer for CES 2024

Forget tents and campfires – LG Labs, the whimsical arm of the tech giant, is redefining “roughing it” with the Bon Voyage. This isn’t your grandpa’s camper; it’s a rolling oasis crammed with enough LG tech to put your smart home to shame, all wrapped in a sleek, two-meter by 3.8-meter package.

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Imagine a space where webOS beams weather updates on a touchscreen door, and the air hums with the espresso whispers of the lunar-esque Duobo coffee machine. This isn’t a static showcase; you customize your Bon Voyage, choosing the gadgets that fuel your adventures. Microwave popcorn under a canopy of stars? Done. Whip up a gourmet feast with the built-in burner while streaming movies on the giant OLED screen? You got it.

But wait, there’s more! A hidden water purifier ensures fresh H2O, while detachable light bars bathe your campsite in a warm glow. And lest you forget the finer things in nature, a Styler steams your clothes wrinkle-free (glamping in style, of course).

Don’t worry, nature hasn’t been banished entirely. A shower and toilet offer basic comforts, while a pull-out table and cocktail accoutrements invite al fresco feasts and starlit soirées. And because no campsite is complete without a soundtrack, LG throws in a portable karaoke set, complete with wireless mics and speakers. Imagine belting out Bon Jovi under the Milky Way – epic campsite cred guaranteed.

Of course, all this gadgetry needs juice. A hulking 10kWh battery hums inside, and solar panels are on the drawing board to keep the party going off-grid. But for longer adventures, a giant charging port at the back ensures you’ll never be silenced by a dead battery.

The Bon Voyage might not be hitting dealerships anytime soon – it’s more of a tech playground than a production-ready model. But it’s a glimpse into a future where camping doesn’t mean ditching your favourite appliances, and roughing it involves nothing more than choosing the perfect cocktail recipe on your smart screen. So grab your marshmallows and wireless mic – LG’s Bon Voyage is calling.