AI-powered Perfecta grill cooks steak in 90 seconds

CES has evolved into a culinary showcase, with companies continuously innovating to bring more tech to outdoor cooking spaces. Seergrills, a UK-based startup comprising engineers and product developers, has infused artificial intelligence into its flagship model, the Perfecta. This unconventional grill claims to cook a one-inch-thick ribeye steak in just 90 seconds, boasting a cooking speed approximately 10 times faster than traditional methods. Resembling a transparent countertop oven, the Perfecta houses dual vertical infrared burners inside, capable of cooking both sides simultaneously at temperatures reaching up to 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The unique feature of the Perfecta is its built-in AI chef, part of Seergrills’ NeuralFire system. This AI considers desired doneness and sear level, calculating precise cooking times and temperatures for various foods. Sensors detect the thickness of items like steak and chicken, preventing over or undercooking, while the burners automatically adjust their position during the cooking process. Seergrills emphasizes that the vertical orientation eliminates flare-ups, directing only smoke and water vapor out the top, with fat and grease collected in a dishwasher-safe drip pan at the bottom.

Beyond its speed, the Perfecta offers oven and rotisserie modes, enabling the preparation of dishes like pizza and roasted chicken. The device features a Chef Mode for complete user control, and a specially designed grill cart facilitates a full outdoor setup. Powered by gas, the Perfecta incorporates a 12-volt electrical cord for its onboard electronics, including a touch screen for inputting cooking parameters. Although not demonstrated at the tradeshow table due to its outdoor nature, Seergrills promises early availability for buyers before the year’s end.

Scheduled for shipping in Q4 of 2024, the Perfecta comes with a price tag of $3,500. Early adopters can enjoy a $1,000 discount until the conclusion of CES.