Apple Watch Series 10 will see significant changes

The Apple Watch, having maintained a consistent design for several years, is poised for a significant shift with the anticipated release of the Apple Watch 10 in 2024. While the recent Apple Watch Series 9 brought noteworthy upgrades, the outer appearance remained unaltered. Bloomberg’s reliable reporter, Mark Gurman, hints at a substantial overhaul for at least one Apple Watch model in the coming year, with the Apple Watch 10 likely to embrace a fresh design and advanced health tracking features.

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Although Gurman refrains from explicitly naming the Apple Watch Series 10, considering the recent introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra lineup, it seems improbable for it to undergo design changes next year. The Apple Watch 10, potentially labelled Apple Watch X in commemoration of the device’s 10th anniversary, is expected to showcase innovative design elements.

While specific design alterations remain undisclosed, speculations suggest that the Apple Watch 10 might adopt a flatter glass design akin to the Apple Watch Ultra. Reports also hint at thinner side bezels and a new magnetic mechanism for band attachment. Although a transition to microLED displays is on the horizon, this technological shift may materialize closer to 2025.

Gurman underscores the compelling allure of the Apple Watch 10, emphasizing upcoming health tracking features. The smartwatch is anticipated to introduce capabilities such as blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnoea detection. Diverging from the approach of on-demand blood pressure checks in devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, the Apple Watch will prioritize detecting hypertension trends. Users will receive notifications if their blood pressure rises, enabling them to share this crucial information with healthcare providers, even though specific systolic and diastolic measurements may not be provided initially. Furthermore, the Apple Watch 10 aims to detect sleep apnoea through comprehensive sleep measurements and analysis of breathing patterns. Recognizing the potential implications of sleep apnoea on health, including high blood pressure, cognitive disorders, and heart health, the watch will identify symptoms and prompt users to seek medical advice, offering a holistic approach to user well-being.