FNB contactless card payment now available at toll plazas on the N3 Toll Route

FNB is joining forces with Visa and N3 Toll Concession (RF) Proprietary Limited (N3TC) to introduce a secure and convenient solution which will facilitate the acceptance of contactless card payments at toll plazas on the N3 Toll Route.

Toll plazas will be equipped with new-age card acceptance devices that will help to reduce time spent at the toll booth and enhance interventions aimed at combatting fraud and non-payment.

The solution is currently available in select lanes on the N3 Toll Route, between Heidelberg in Gauteng and Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal.

Thokozani Dlamini, FNB Merchant Services CEO says, “Our unique innovative and custom-made payment solution gives both the merchant and consumers peace of mind at the toll booth as all card transactions are authorised online.” 

Dlamini says contactless payments continue to be popular amongst consumers, with more than 50% of card payments made by FNB customers being contactless. Preference for chip and pin payments, where the customer inserts their card into the point-of-sale device, continues to decline.

“Contactless payments are more convenient and secure. They provide a higher level of security, as they use short-range wireless communication technology, which is less vulnerable to fraud than traditional ‘contact’-driven payment methods,” says Dlamini.

Migrating to a new payment processing platform opens up possibilities for further payment processing innovation at toll plazas.

“This collaboration underscores the pivotal role partnerships play in building smarter, more connected cities and meeting evolving consumer preferences. By integrating technology into urban infrastructure, we pave the way for efficient, secure, and customer-centric experiences. It’s a testament to how innovation, when driven collectively, not only streamlines processes but also adds tangible value to people’s everyday experiences on the road, particularly during bustling times like the festive season,” adds Lineshree Moodley, Country Manager for Visa, South Africa.

The contactless payment solution was co-created and implemented by FNB, N3TC, and VeriFone and is selectively available at the De Hoek, Wilge Tugela, and Mooi plazas.