MTN Super Data deals launched – including 200GB for R399

MTN South Africa has significantly reduced the cost of prepaid mobile data with the introduction of its new plan, MTN Super Data. This data-centric offering aims to cater to the needs of heavy data users among prepaid and residential customers by providing substantial data bundles at competitive prices. Unlike traditional contractual commitments, MTN Super Data operates on a prepaid basis, offering flexibility without long-term agreements, and the data is valid for 30 days.

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Available through USSD and the MTN app, the Super Data plan includes bundles ranging from 30GB to 200GB. Users can take advantage of the cost-effective pricing, enjoying data day or night. The rates for the Super Data plan are as follows:

  • 30GB with 30 days’ validity: R215
  • 70GB with 30 days’ validity: R299
  • 200GB with 30 days’ validity: R399

Notably, the 200GB bundle translates to a remarkably low cost of R2/GB, marking a significant reduction compared to the standard rate of R2/MB that was prevalent in the industry 15 years ago. The plan addresses the evolving data consumption patterns of users, providing sizable data allocations at affordable rates.

Furthermore, MTN Super Data is set to become the default price plan for prepaid MiFi/router customers, replacing the existing BozzaGigs offering. This strategic move aligns with MTN’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions and follows the recent launch of MTN SuperFlex, a competitively priced plan offering data-rich month-to-month contracts inclusive of unlimited voice calls and SMS texts to any local network.