This is the HW Electro Puzzle which also charges with solar panels

Japanese electric vehicle manufacturer HW Electro (HWE) has announced plans to bring its distinctive Puzzle micro-van to market in 2025. The Puzzle, showcased at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, represents HWE’s commitment to sustainability, connectivity, and social contribution. Functioning more as a “kei van” than a kei car, it stands out with rooftop solar panels and specialized equipment for commercial disaster relief, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

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HWE CEO Xiao Weicheng emphasized the Puzzle’s embodiment of the company’s core values and highlighted its potential for extended driving without plugging in, thanks to the rooftop solar panels. The vehicle boasts external emergency features, including power outlets, photovoltaic panels, built-in WiFi, USB ports, a first aid kit, and even a crowbar.

The Puzzle, currently in the concept stage, adheres to Japan’s regulatory definition of a kei car, designed for navigating tight roads and limited parking spaces. It features a compact two-person cabin, 15-inch wheels, and dimensions that make it significantly smaller than many contemporary EVs. With a height of over 1.8 metres, a width of nearly 1.5 metres, and a length of almost 3.5 metres, the Puzzle offers practicality for urban settings. Sliding rear doors facilitate easy cargo management, and the sole passenger seat can be folded down to increase hauling capacity.

While HWE has not disclosed the Puzzle’s pricing or maximum speed, reports suggest a lithium iron phosphate battery providing a 125-mile range. As the EV market in the US evolves, the Puzzle’s arrival in 2025 reflects HWE’s optimistic vision for a unique and environmentally conscious option in an increasingly diverse electric vehicle landscape.