Google’s Bard AI is starting to understand YouTube videos

Google has made significant strides in enhancing the capabilities of its Bard AI chatbot, enabling it to engage in more comprehensive and meaningful conversations related to YouTube videos. In a recent update log, the company announced that it has expanded the functionalities of Bard’s YouTube extension, allowing it to “understand some video content” when activated.

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This newfound ability empowers users to pose in-depth questions about YouTube videos, seeking information that goes beyond mere descriptions or captions. For instance, Bard can now answer queries about the number of eggs used in an olive oil cake recipe video, as highlighted by Android Authority. Similarly, users can inquire about the names of specific tools featured in DIY videos, or the locations of restaurants mentioned in food review videos. Bard can even provide insights into the origins of particular cuisines.

Google’s decision to integrate Bard with YouTube content stems from user feedback indicating a desire for deeper engagement with YouTube videos. The company acknowledges that this update represents Bard’s “first steps in understanding YouTube videos,” hinting at the potential for further advancements in video analysis capabilities.

To initiate conversations with Bard about YouTube videos, users must enable the YouTube extension within the chatbot’s web portal. This extension unlocks a world of enhanced interactions, allowing users to delve deeper into the content they consume on YouTube.