Ten iOS 17 features you may not know about

On September 18, 2023, Apple unveiled iOS 17 to the public, introducing a host of new features. The iPhone update showcases enhancements across first-party apps like Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and Safari. Notably, users can experience an upgraded keyboard with enhanced autocorrect and prediction capabilities. iOS 17 doesn’t stop there — it integrates new AirDrop functionalities, introduces a StandBy mode, and even introduces a Journal app, making it a much-anticipated and comprehensive update. But there are several features not spoken about in the announcement – here are ten of them!

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Listen to a web page in Safari

Safari in iOS 17 unveils a hidden feature that lets users listen to web pages effortlessly with a simple tap. For those who prefer listening over reading, Safari now offers the option to have articles or lengthy texts read aloud.

To access this feature, simply tap the “AA” button positioned in the top left corner and choose “Listen to Page.” Siri will then commence reading the text aloud. Playback can be managed similarly to music controls, although the current version lacks advanced options like adjusting the reading speed. There’s anticipation that Apple will incorporate these features in upcoming betas.

Get recipe suggestions from photos

The Visual Lookup feature in iOS 17 has received significant enhancements, expanding its capabilities. It now goes beyond identifying issues with your car and extends to suggesting recipes based on photos in your iPhone. For instance, when presented with an image of a Neapolitan pizza, my iPhone accurately identifies it and provides a corresponding recipe suggestion. To utilize this feature, simply open the image in the Photos app and locate the food icon in the bottom bar.

Toggle system settings from Spotlight search

In iOS 17, Spotlight search has undergone a significant revamp, eliminating the sluggishness that users encountered in iOS 16. The overall experience is now notably smoother and faster. Additionally, Apple has introduced a convenient feature in iOS 17, allowing users to toggle system settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data directly from the Spotlight search. Users can effortlessly search for the desired setting and enable or disable it directly from the search screen, eliminating the need to open the Control Centre.

Share AirTags and other Find My accessories with friends

Apple AirTags and other Find My-enabled alternatives stand out as top-tier item tracking devices globally. In the latest iOS 17 update, Apple introduces the capability to share these trackers with up to five additional people. Shared members gain the ability to trigger the tracker’s alarm and utilize Precision Finding to precisely determine its location. This feature proves invaluable for families and individuals who regularly share items like car keys.

Delete verification codes automatically

While we’re on the topic of one-time verification codes, we all know how our SMS inboxes can become cluttered with almost all the service now relying on OTPs. In iOS 17, there’s a handy feature that automatically removes verification codes from Messages and Mail once you’ve used them using AutoFill. To turn on this feature, head over to Passwords in the Settings app, then tap Password Options and toggle on Clean Up Automatically.

Easy way to crop images in the Photos app

In iOS 17, there’s a fresh approach to image cropping that eliminates the need to access the Edit menu. Simply launch the Photos app, select the image you wish to crop, and use a pinch-to-zoom gesture until the desired portion is visible. Afterward, tap the crop button in the top right corner or perform a long-press to choose from pre-defined aspect ratios for your photo.

Securely share passwords with family

While Netflix aims to curb password sharing, there are instances when sharing account passwords with close associates becomes necessary. In iOS 17, Apple simplifies the process of sharing passwords with family members and trusted contacts. To utilize this feature, visit the Settings app, go to Passwords, and select Family Passwords.

Within the Family Passwords section, identify the individuals you want to share the password with and specify the websites for which password sharing is desired. The shared passwords will seamlessly appear on their devices, automatically updating if any changes are made. Importantly, it’s worth noting that this feature comes with end-to-end encryption for added security.

Quick way to share photos in Messages

The Messages app receives a fresh look in iOS 17, featuring a new “+” button for easy access to stickers, audio, photos, and location. Streamlining the process of sharing photos, iOS 17 introduces a convenient shortcut. Instead of navigating through the “+” icon and selecting photos, users can now save time by long-pressing the “+” icon, instantly revealing their photo library just below the text field.

Screen Distance setting in Screen Time

To mitigate eye strain and potential issues like Myopia, Apple introduces the Screen Distance feature in iOS 17. This innovative capability notifies users when their iPhone is held too close for an extended duration. Users can enable this feature by navigating to Settings > Screen Time > Screen Distance. It’s important to note that this functionality is exclusively available on iPhones equipped with Face ID.

Ping Apple Watch from iPhone’s Control Centre

Apple now allows you to ping your Apple Watch from your iPhone, creating a two-way interaction. This is made possible by adding a new shortcut to the Control Centre. To include this shortcut, go to Settings > Control Centre and select the “+” icon next to “Ping My Watch.” After adding it, you can conveniently ping your Apple Watch directly from the Control Centre on your iPhone.