NASA will launch a free streaming service this month

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is set to unveil its ad-free, no-cost streaming service, Nasa+. This service will provide live coverage of upcoming rocket launches, captivating documentaries, and an exclusive original series.

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Nasa+ represents NASA’s commitment to offer more than just rocket launches; it’s a gateway to the wonders of space exploration. As part of its efforts to bring the mysteries of the universe closer to the public, NASA will introduce this free, family-friendly streaming platform. With its award-winning live shows, Nasa+ aims to provide a rich viewing experience, ensuring that the excitement of space is readily accessible to everyone.

The service is set to be available on a wide range of major platforms, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and web browsers. This expansive accessibility underlines NASA’s dedication to making space exploration an inclusive experience, reaching viewers on various devices and operating systems.

In July 2023, NASA unveiled its plans for Nasa+ as part of a comprehensive digital transformation. In addition to the streaming service, NASA introduced a beta website that serves as a hub for agency updates, missions, research, climate data, and developments related to the Artemis missions.

The Artemis program is a series of lunar missions spearheaded by NASA with the goal of returning astronauts to the Moon and establishing a sustainable human presence there. These missions are not only aimed at scientific exploration but also serve as a stepping stone for future crewed missions to Mars. This ambitious initiative is at the forefront of NASA’s objectives, marking a pivotal chapter in the agency’s space exploration endeavours.

Moreover, Jeff Seaton, NASA’s Chief Information Officer, emphasized the agency’s commitment to delivering a world-class web experience through these digital initiatives, ensuring that the public can readily access the latest updates, news, and valuable information related to space exploration, climate studies, and the Artemis missions.