Disney is completing the full acquisition of Hulu

Disney has unveiled plans to acquire the remaining 33 percent stake in Hulu currently owned by Comcast. The deal, estimated to be around $8.61 billion, is pending appraisal, which is expected to conclude next year. In 2019, both companies had previously agreed that either Comcast could require Disney to purchase its stake or Disney could prompt Comcast to sell, with a set deadline by 2024. However, Comcast chose to expedite negotiations with Disney rather than adhering to the original timeline.

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Disney’s acquisition of Comcast’s stake in Hulu represents a strategic move to advance its streaming ambitions. Earlier this year, Disney announced its intention to create a unified streaming experience known as the “one-app experience,” merging content from Disney+ and Hulu by the end of 2023. While the acquisition of Comcast’s stake wasn’t explicitly stated at the time, it hinted at Disney’s long-term goal of fully taking over Hulu. Notably, the standalone Hulu app will remain available, but its content will also be accessible via Disney+ once the integrated experience is introduced.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, emphasized that the unified streaming app represents a logical progression in the company’s direct-to-consumer offerings. This development aims to provide increased opportunities for advertisers and deliver a more comprehensive and streamlined content experience for bundle subscribers. By integrating Disney+ and Hulu content, Disney is enhancing its competitive position in the streaming market.

On the other hand, Comcast has already launched its streaming service, Peacock, offering access to its popular shows like The Voice to its subscribers. The company continues to expand its presence in the streaming landscape alongside its cable TV and media offerings.