Toyota unveils a Land Cruiser EV concept

Toyota is set to unveil its 2023 Japan Mobility Show exhibit, featuring an all-electric Land Cruiser SUV concept. This concept vehicle presents an intriguing glimpse of what could be a significant contender in the realm of three-row EVs or perhaps a preliminary look at Toyota’s future electric offerings.

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Named the Toyota Land Cruiser “Se,” this concept showcases a distinctive design with its angular boat-like appearance, featuring a lengthy hood, sweeping windshield, and a rounded rear end with visor-style taillights. The seven-seater concept comes with detailed dimensions, boasting a 305.32-centimeter wheelbase and measuring 515 centimetres in length, 199 centimetres in width, and 170 centimetres in height. Notably, it possesses a broader stance and shorter height compared to the conventional gas-powered 2024 Land Cruiser, which typically has a wheelbase of around 284 centimetres.

The additional space between the wheels suggests accommodations for a battery, and the overall design prioritizes aerodynamics, even featuring digital side view mirror cameras. Toyota emphasizes that the quietness of EVs enhances the comfort of the cabin space during urban driving, reflecting a fundamental advantage of electric vehicles as part of their broader EV strategy.

Furthermore, Toyota states that the Land Cruiser Se maintains its off-road capabilities, reassuring enthusiasts of the traditional gas-powered Land Cruiser despite its concept EV appearance, which may resemble a future unassuming Uber XL vehicle.

In addition to the Land Cruiser Se, Toyota is showcasing two personal transport vehicles at the event. These include the “Land Hopper,” a foldable electric trike with front wheels that lean for easy manoeuvring, and a powered wheelchair named “Juu,” designed for navigating stairs. For those with interstellar aspirations, Toyota introduces a Space Mobility prototype intended for traversing extraterrestrial terrain, with this technology set to be incorporated into the future Lunar Cruiser vehicle.

Toyota’s innovative exhibit also features the Neo Steer cockpit concept, aimed at cultivating a deeper appreciation for cars and delivering a sense of joy and excitement in mobility for all. Inspired by motorcycle controls, this concept allows the driver to operate acceleration and braking through levers, reminiscent of accessibility modifications for real-world vehicles. It’s worth noting that Toyota has previously experimented with fake manual transmissions in its quest to make EVs more engaging for drivers.