Jon Stewart’s Apple TV+ show cancelled over editorial disagreement

Apple TV+ had initially celebrated the coup of securing Jon Stewart as the host of “The Problem With Jon Stewart” after his tenure on “The Daily Show.” However, ahead of the show’s third season production, Stewart and Apple have reportedly parted ways due to “creative differences,” leading to the conclusion of “The Problem.”

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According to The New York Times, Apple expressed concerns about the show’s scheduled guests and Stewart’s intended discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence and China. Despite being close to beginning production for new episodes, the team learned that production had been halted.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Apple had directly approached Stewart, emphasizing the need for alignment between the host and his team’s viewpoints and Apple’s stance on the discussed subjects. When Apple threatened to cancel the show, Stewart reportedly chose to walk away.

While the exact reasons for the conflict between Apple’s executive leadership and Stewart regarding the show’s coverage of artificial intelligence and China are not detailed in The Times’ report, it’s noteworthy that The Problem With Jon Stewart gained popularity partly due to its pointed criticality. At the same time, maintaining a positive relationship with China is crucial for Apple’s future growth plans. Consequently, the show’s cancellation is not entirely surprising given these factors.