Threads now allows you to edit posts

Meta Platforms has introduced a new feature to Threads, its competitor to Twitter/X, allowing users to edit published posts. This addition, one of the two significant updates announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, grants Threads users on both the web and mobile app the ability to make changes to their posts for up to five minutes after they have been published.

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The exact number of times a post can be edited during this period was not mentioned by Mosseri. He also did not provide specific details on how to utilize the edit button. However, based on a screenshot he shared with the announcement, it seems that a circular edit button will be visible on posts that are eligible for editing. The symbol on the edit button resembles a pencil drawing a mirrored “e,” as displayed in the provided screenshot.

In addition to the edit feature, Threads now enables users to create voice threads. These voice posts will be automatically transcribed into text, which will be posted alongside the audio.

The release of the edit feature follows Threads’ launch by only about three months. It’s noteworthy that Twitter/X took 16 years to introduce an edit button, despite it being one of the most requested features by its dedicated user base. Over the years, users often highlighted that Meta’s other products, such as Facebook and Instagram, offered the capability to edit posts.

When Twitter/X finally introduced the edit button in September 2022, it was initially accessible exclusively to paying Twitter Blue subscribers, now rebranded as X Premium. This subscription is priced at R144.99 in South Africa and offers additional features, including account verification and expanded potential reach.

In contrast to Threads, Twitter allows users to edit their tweets up to five times within 30 minutes after publishing, offering a more extended editing window.