You can now create AI images from the Google Search bar

In a significant development, Google has introduced a novel capability for users who are part of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) program. With this enhancement, users can generate AI images directly from Google’s standard Search bar, eliminating the need to visit specialized websites for such creations. This move represents a further expansion of Google’s vision for web searching, where users receive coherent responses synthesized from their natural language prompts.

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The latest updates enable users to create generated images through the Search bar, courtesy of Google’s Imagen text-to-picture AI. Users can input descriptions of what they seek, and within moments, the engine provides four alternatives for selection and further refinement. Furthermore, users have the option to export these generated images to Google Drive or download them.

A particularly exciting feature is the ability to generate images directly in Google Images. When searching for specific visuals, users can input their requests, and Google will generate an image based on these queries. What makes this even more compelling is the capability to use Google Lens on the generated image to find real-world products resembling the computer-generated concept.

However, certain limitations accompany these new features. Users must be registered for Google Labs and have opted into the SGE program to access them. The image generation functions are currently accessible only within the United States, in English-language applications, and for users aged 18 or older.

Google is also taking steps to address the potential misuse of generative AI technology. It will block the creation of photorealistic images of human faces. Users are free to generate realistic images of other subjects, such as a photorealistic capybara cooking bacon, but generating images of “notable” individuals, like Colonel Sanders, is restricted.

To enhance transparency and attribution, Google is incorporating the SynthID system developed by DeepMind. SynthID applies an imperceptible metadata watermark to identify images as generated and provides information about their creator and creation time.

These new features can be accessed through the Labs tab in the Google app on iOS and Android, as well as on Chrome desktop for select users starting today, with further expansion in the coming weeks.