Sony announces slimmer PlayStation 5 with removable disc drive

Sony has unveiled a new PlayStation 5 model with a detachable disc drive and expanded internal storage. Referred to as the PS5 “Slim,” this iteration is both slimmer and shorter than its predecessors and supersedes both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. In the US, the new model costs $499.99 with the drive included, while the PS5 Digital Edition is priced at $449.99.

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The latest PS5 model boasts a significant 30% reduction in overall volume and up to 24% weight reduction, depending on the specific model. A distinctive design feature is the detachable disc drive, situated on the side of the PS5, which can be replaced with a side panel.

According to Sid Shuman, senior director of SIE content communications, the new PS5 includes four separate cover panels, with a glossy top section and a matte bottom. The base PS5 Digital Edition allows users to add a Blu-ray disc drive separately for $79.99 (€119.99 / £99.99).

The new PS5 features dual slits on each side and dual USB-C ports at the front, an improvement over the current PS5’s single USB-C and USB-A ports. It comes with a horizontal stand, and a new vertical stand that is compatible with all PS5 models is available separately for $29.99 (€29.99 / £24.99 GBP). Both new PS5 models now offer 1TB of storage, an upgrade from the existing PS5’s 825GB.

The new PS5 model will be released in the US in November, available at select retailers and Sony’s PlayStation direct site. It will be priced at $449.99 without a drive and $499.99 with one. The global rollout will follow in the subsequent months, with the new PS5 becoming the sole model once the existing inventory is depleted. In Europe, it’s priced at €449.99 for the Digital Edition and €549.99 with the drive, while in the UK, it’s £479.99 with the drive or £389.99 for the PS5 Digital Edition.