Frogfoot plans to offer uncapped fibre for R10 per day

Frogfoot Networks has launched an innovative pilot project known as Frogfoot Rise, which aims to provide affordable and unlimited prepaid internet access to underserved low-income communities. This initiative bears a resemblance to Vumatel’s successful Vuma Reach program, which has been deploying uncapped fibre in high-density areas, including Johannesburg’s Alexandra township and Kayamandi in Stellenbosch, with plans for a nationwide expansion.

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Frogfoot Networks has ambitious goals for Frogfoot Rise, with an initial rollout planned for 40,000 to 45,000 homes over the next three to six months. The project will focus on areas like Vrygrond and Phillipi in the Western Cape, all of which currently fall outside of Frogfoot’s existing network coverage and represent higher-density, underserved communities.

David Coleman, Chief Product Officer at Frogfoot Networks, expressed the company’s mission to extend uncapped connectivity to as many South Africans as possible. Achieving this objective will involve leveraging various technologies, with a particular emphasis on providing fibre-based wireless connectivity to communities bordering Frogfoot’s current network footprint. Frogfoot Rise promises to deliver a more stable and cost-effective internet experience to residents, with uncapped access priced at less than R10 per day.

The retail offerings for Frogfoot Rise will commence with a 10Mbit/s (5Mbit/s upload speed) voucher, providing seven days of access for R69. Additionally, there will be a 50Mbit/s (25Mbit/s upload) voucher available, with a validity period of 30 days.

One distinguishing feature of Frogfoot Rise is its simplified access process. The initiative eliminates the need for additional fibre installations by internet service providers and spares residents the requirement of an extra router to access the internet. This convenience is made possible through the installation of an optical network terminal (ONT) with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Crucially, Frogfoot Networks is committed to collaborating closely with local communities in building the fibre network, including the deployment of ONTs. Local partners will play a pivotal role in constructing the network, handling ONT installations, conducting activations and recharge campaigns, as well as network maintenance. This engagement strategy aims to foster lasting benefits within the communities involved and ensure that residents feel a sense of ownership and inclusion in the development process.

Frogfoot Rise has already initiated engagement efforts in the selected pilot areas, showcasing a commitment to building these vital digital pathways in a manner that truly involves and empowers local communities.