There are few things more powerful than connecting over a shared love of music, take it from someone who considers it their life. And to make listening together better than ever before, Spotify is introducing Jam, a personalized, real-time listening session for any group to tune in together. 

Jam builds on some of the platform’s popular social features such as Blend and Collaborative Playlists, and combines them with their personalization technology to make listening with your squad better than ever. Check it out below.

Here’s how it works:

  • To start your Jam, a Premium user selects a playlist or song to play. Then, you’ll see a “Start a Jam” button by clicking the Connect button at the bottom of your screen or by hitting the three dot menu within your favorite playlist, album or song.
  • You can also select a device to play on, whether that’s your phone or speaker. Those in your household on your shared WiFi will also be prompted to join into the Jam. 
  • You can then invite your squad (Premium or Free users) in one of three ways:

Jam is rolling out for all Premium and Free Spotify users globally starting today—so make sure your app is up-to-date.