Tesla launches a redesigned Model 3 with more range

Tesla has unveiled an upgraded and revamped Model 3 for the European market, formerly known as the Highland. This overhaul encompasses alterations to the front and rear, the introduction of a new screen for rear passengers, a redesigned interior, and enhancements to aerodynamics and driving range.

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The most conspicuous changes to the Model 3’s exterior are evident at the front. The previous frontal protrusion has been replaced with a more streamlined design featuring a central vent. The headlights have undergone a significant transformation, adopting a slimmer profile with LED daytime running lights reminiscent of Audi’s style.

While the sides of the vehicle have remained largely unchanged, Tesla offers fresh alloy wheel designs, including 18- and 19-inch options. At the rear, Tesla has reconfigured the taillights, departing from the split design of the previous model. The bumper has also received a makeover, now integrating the fog lights. Two new paint options have been introduced: a red hue resembling the Model S and a “stealth grey” choice.

Tesla asserts that these exterior styling modifications contribute to improved aerodynamics, resulting in more than a 10 percent boost in reported driving range. This translates to 344 miles WLTP for the rear-wheel-drive version and 421 miles WLTP for the long-range model.

Enhancements extend to ride comfort, thanks to updated suspension tuning and a more rigid body. Tesla is also dedicated to reducing interior noise, achieved through the incorporation of acoustic glass in the rear windows and rear windshield.

The interior undergoes substantial changes as well. A fresh dash design integrates LED lighting and a customizable panel, while alterations to the steering wheel include relocating the indicators from a stalk to a button.

The infotainment system has received an upgrade, featuring a brighter and more responsive screen, passenger air system controls, and enhancements to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Tesla has also enhanced the audio system, now boasting 17 speakers compared to the previous model’s 14.

For passengers in the rear seats, a notable addition is their own 8-inch screen, offering access to adjustable climate controls, music, and entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus.

Deliveries are set to commence in October in select European countries and the Middle East. However, it’s worth noting that Tesla has yet to announce availability in North America or the UK. Pricing for the upgraded Model 3 starts at €42,990 for the rear-wheel-drive model and €50,990 for the long-range variant.