Sega acquires Rovio for $776 million

Sega has completed its acquisition of Angry Birds developer Rovio for $776 million. The deal, which was first announced in April, gives Sega a major foothold in the mobile gaming market.

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Rovio is best known for its Angry Birds franchise, which has spawned a number of successful games, movies, and TV shows. However, the company also has a number of other popular mobile games, including Sugar Blast and Small Town Murders.

In addition to its IP library, Rovio also has a strong mobile development, publishing, and advertising infrastructure. This will be a valuable asset to Sega as it looks to expand its mobile gaming business.

Sega CEO Haruki Satomi said that the acquisition of Rovio is a “major step forward” in the company’s goal of becoming a “leading global mobile games publisher.” He also said that Sega plans to continue developing new Angry Birds games, as well as mobile games based on its other IPs.

The acquisition of Rovio is a significant move by Sega as it looks to compete in the growing mobile gaming market. The company is hoping that the deal will help it to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

In addition to continuing to develop new Angry Birds games, Sega could also partner with Rovio to create games that feature other Sega IPs. For example, a game that combines Sonic the Hedgehog with Angry Birds could be a hit with fans of both franchises.

Sega could also use Rovio’s infrastructure to port its older games to mobile devices. This would allow the company to reach a new audience for its classic games.

Overall, the acquisition of Rovio is a positive move for Sega. The deal gives the company a strong foothold in the mobile gaming market and the resources it needs to compete with other major players.