Logitech acquires Loupedeck to expand streaming offerings

Logitech has acquired Loupedeck, the company behind the popular editing console used by streamers and creative professionals. The acquisition, which was announced on Tuesday, is the latest move by Logitech to expand its presence in the streaming market.

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Loupedeck’s editing console is a customizable device that allows users to control their streaming software with physical buttons and knobs. The console is popular with streamers because it allows them to quickly and easily access the features they need without having to take their hands off the keyboard or mouse.

Logitech says that the acquisition will help it to “provide a more seamless experience for creators.” The company plans to integrate Loupedeck’s hardware and software with its own streaming platform, Streamlabs. This will allow users to control Streamlabs with their Loupedeck console, making it easier to stream live content.

Logitech is not the only company that has been investing in the streaming market. In recent years, there has been a surge of acquisitions in the space, as companies look to gain a foothold in this growing market. In 2021, Logitech acquired Mevo, a camera hardware and software company specializing in livestreaming. And in 2020, Elgato acquired Wave, a company that makes microphones and audio mixers for streamers.

The acquisition of Loupedeck is a significant move by Logitech as it looks to compete with Elgato and other leading players in the streaming market. The company is betting that the Loupedeck console will be a hit with streamers, and that the acquisition will help it to grow its streaming business.

Some of the key benefits of the acquisition for Logitech include giving them a leading position in the streaming market, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive set of streaming products and services and most importantly, hopefully grow its revenue and profits.

The acquisition is also a positive development for Loupedeck users. Logitech has a strong track record of supporting its products and customers, and it is likely to continue to invest in the Loupedeck console. This means that Loupedeck users can expect to see new features and improvements to the console in the future.