Lamborghini teases its first fully electric supercar

Lamborghini is on the verge of unveiling its inaugural fully electric supercar, just a few months after introducing its Revuelto plug-in hybrid. The automaker has given enthusiasts a sneak peek of the vehicle’s upper body in a teaser image, presented as a striking silhouette.

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Curiosity surrounding this enigmatic electric vehicle won’t be prolonged, as Lamborghini has set a reveal date of August 18th during the Monterey Car Week. While it’s anticipated to be presented as a concept, this event will provide valuable insights.

The forthcoming electric supercar will mark a fresh addition to the brand’s lineup, distinct from existing models as it won’t simply be an electric adaptation of an existing vehicle.

Although the concept will be showcased soon, it’s important to acknowledge that this won’t be the final product. Lamborghini’s journey toward a fully electric future remains a long-term endeavor, with the company targeting a release of such a model by 2030.

Aligning with the broader trend in the automotive industry, Lamborghini is progressively moving towards complete electrification. However, the brand is likely to require several additional years to accomplish this transition.