Card tap-and-go ATMs launched by ABSA

Absa South Africa has introduced a new way of banking at automated teller machines (ATMs) that allows customers to use the tap-and-go capabilities of their cards. This innovative feature aims to streamline transactions and combat the rising incidents of card theft at ATMs, which has become a widespread issue in the industry.

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By leveraging tap-and-go technology, Absa intends to minimize transaction times and mitigate problems such as card swallowing due to hardware or power failures, as well as card jamming. To activate this feature, Absa customers simply need to tap their card on the designated near-field communication-enabled card reader at the ATM, which is clearly marked with a recognizable logo indicating its tap function. However, customers will still be required to enter their PIN after tapping for added security.

Tshiwela Mhlantla, Absa’s managing executive for everyday banking physical channels, emphasizes the importance of saving a few seconds at the ATM, underlining the convenience and efficiency this new feature brings. The bank plans to implement tap-and-go capabilities in 900 ATMs this year and aims to expand this technology more widely in the near future.

Most of Absa’s tap-and-go-enabled ATMs are currently concentrated in Gauteng and the Western Cape, as these regions are expected to have higher initial usage of the feature. Additionally, Absa is taking measures to address challenges posed by load-shedding, a controlled power outage implemented during periods of high electricity demand. The bank is deploying uninterrupted power supply (UPS) devices to its ATMs in both remote and urban areas, ensuring continuous access to ATM services during load-shedding and general power failures. These UPS devices are solar-ready and provide an average uptime of 12 hours.

Absa’s introduction of tap-and-go capabilities at ATMs marks a significant step toward enhancing customer experience and improving security. By reducing transaction times, deterring card theft incidents, and implementing measures to ensure uninterrupted access, Absa aims to provide its customers with seamless and reliable banking services.