According to Threads, the platform isn’t for news and politics

According to Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, the newly launched Threads app is not intended to promote politics or hard news. Mosseri emphasized that the potential drawbacks associated with political content, such as increased scrutiny, negativity, and integrity risks, outweigh the benefits of higher engagement or revenue.

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Instead, he believes that Instagram’s existing vibrant communities centered around sports, music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment are sufficient to maintain a thriving platform without delving into politics and hard news.

In recent times, Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has distanced itself from news and politics. Measures have been taken to reduce the visibility of political content on Facebook, including renaming the Facebook Feed by removing the term “News” last year. Additionally, Meta responded to a Canadian law mandating payment for local news by announcing the removal of news from Facebook and Instagram in the country.

Mosseri clarified his initial statement, stating that Threads will not actively discourage or diminish the presence of news or politics, but it will not actively court or prioritize such content, as Facebook had done in the past. He acknowledged that Facebook had made promises to the industry in the early 2010s that couldn’t be fulfilled and expressed a desire not to repeat those mistakes.

While Threads, inspired by Twitter, has experienced significant success with over 70 million sign-ups since its launch, its approach differs from that of Twitter. Currently, the only available feed on Threads is an algorithmic one, featuring an abundance of celebrities and brands.

However, it is likely that politics and news will eventually find their way onto Threads, especially if politicians and journalists begin using the platform during the 2024 presidential election cycle. Instagram is also working on introducing a feed exclusively for people you follow and a chronological feed, which should enhance the platform’s usefulness for finding news. Nevertheless, it appears that Instagram will not actively transform Threads into a platform similar to what Twitter used to be, so users should not anticipate a Thread-Deck-like experience.