Future Aston Martin EVs will be powered by Lucid

Luxury automaker Aston Martin has partnered with EV manufacturer Lucid to develop high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), according to a press release from Lucid. This is Lucid’s first deal to supply parts to other automakers, similar to Rimac’s collaboration with Aston Martin and Koenigsegg. Lucid recently launched its own EV, the Air, in multiple versions starting at around $87,000.

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Aston Martin’s executive chairman, Lawrence Stroll, called the supply agreement with Lucid a game changer for Aston Martin’s EV-led growth. Aston Martin selected Lucid through a competitive process and will utilize Lucid’s proprietary electric powertrain technology, including its ultra-high performance twin motor drive unit, battery technology, and onboard “Wunderbox” charging unit. These technologies will enable features like torque vectoring, heat exchanger tech, and an upgraded battery system for higher power.

In 2020, Aston Martin halted plans to produce the all-electric Rapide E due to financial instability. However, with Lawrence Stroll’s involvement and ownership stake in Aston Martin, the company’s prospects have improved. Mercedes-Benz also owns a 9.4 percent stake in Aston Martin and aims to increase it to 20 percent by 2023. Mercedes-Benz has provided Aston Martin access to their hybrid and electric powertrains, but the details of the interaction between Lucid and Mercedes-Benz remain unclear. Aston Martin’s F1 team currently uses a Mercedes-Benz power unit but plans to switch to Honda in 2026.

Aston Martin has a history of collaborating with other companies in the EV space. Rimac, for instance, supplied technology, including a lightweight battery system, for Aston Martin’s 1,160 horsepower Valkyrie hypercar. Previously, Aston Martin partnered with LeEco to develop an electric version of the Rapide, but LeEco withdrew due to financial issues. Interestingly, LeEco previously had a stake in Lucid, which founder Jia Yueting sold during a liquidity crisis.

The partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid aims to accelerate Aston Martin’s electrification strategy by leveraging Lucid’s expertise and innovative technologies. With Lucid and Mercedes-Benz as suppliers, Aston Martin is well-positioned to pursue its internal development and investments in EVs. This collaboration signals Aston Martin’s commitment to sustainable mobility and holds promise for the future of luxury EVs from the iconic brand.