Generative AI will be added to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is receiving an upgrade with generative AI features from Firefly. These additions allow users to expand images beyond their borders, add objects to images, and remove objects with greater precision. Currently available in the beta version of Photoshop, some capabilities are also accessible to Firefly beta users on the web, where over 100 million images have been created.

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A unique aspect of this integration is the ability for Photoshop users to employ natural language text prompts to describe the desired image or object. However, as with most generative AI tools, results can be unpredictable. By default, Adobe provides three variations for each prompt, although the option to iterate and explore similar variations is not available in the beta version.

During the process, Photoshop sends portions of an image to Firefly and creates a new layer for the generated results. In a demonstration, Maria Yap, Adobe’s Vice President of Digital Imaging, showcased the new features. While generative AI can be uncertain, some results were impressive. For instance, when asked to generate a puddle beneath a running corgi, Firefly considered the image’s lighting and created a realistic reflection. However, not every result was flawless, and the model struggled with text.

Firefly was trained on Adobe Stock and other safe images, making it particularly adept at landscapes. Adobe has also implemented additional safeguards to ensure safe results, such as excluding certain terms and words. Skin areas can be unpredictable, prompting warning messages to prevent discomfort.

Adobe automatically applies its Content Credentials to images utilizing these AI-based features, ensuring responsible use. The features will gradually roll out, starting with paying customers in the United States. Adobe plans to expand availability to other regions and free subscribers of Photoshop’s cloud-based version.

These new capabilities would also be valuable in Lightroom, and Adobe intends to bring Firefly to its photo management tool in the future, although no specific timeline has been provided.