This crazy MSI WiFi router follows you around the house

There are very few things as infuriating as a bad WiFi connection at home. MSI has unveiled an interesting router at CES 2023 with antennas that automatically follow devices as you walk around your house. The fact that it looks like something directly out of J.J Abrams’ mind just makes it all the cooler.

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The router is called the RadiX BE22000 Turbo and is now MSI’s most premium (and therefore, expensive) WiFi router and has all the bell and whistles and then some. WiFi 6 has only recently become mainstream in new devices, but the RadiX is already designed to support WiFi 7 which hasn’t even been finalised yet. It also includes MSI’s AI QoS tech which can reduce your ping while gaming or prioritize different types of content like streaming video at the touch of a button. And with channel bandwidths of 320MHz, MSI claims the BE22000 delivers 4x faster throughput when compared to a typical Wi-Fi 6 router.

But obviously, the party trick here is the antennas. While we have seen some very interesting looking routers in the past, none have had the capabilities included with the antennas on the RadiX. The router has the ability to automatically adjust their position to follow a specific device as it moves around your home to deliver optimal wireless coverage at all times.

The RadiX won’t be hitting the market anytime soon, unfortunately, because of the aforementioned WiFi 7 standards which is still to be agreed upon. However, it is expected to launch in 2024. According to MSI, there are also still some details to iron out and optimise when it comes to the motors that turn the antennas.

We don’t have specific pricing for the RadiX, yet, but you can expect it to be the most expensive router on the market when it launches in 2024.