You will now be able to play as ‘Ted Lasso’ on FIFA 23

As massive fans of Apple TV+’s hit series, it was a welcome surprise when EA Sports announced that FIFA 23 will feature Ted Lasso and his team, AFC Richmond. Played by Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso will be playable on the video game as a manager.

“We look forward to our fans having the opportunity to play with, play as, and even play against their favorite AFC Richmond characters,” Sudeikis said in a statement.

In what can be described as a ploy to attract new players to the game, EA have easily pulled a great marketing move with this entire project. For those unaware, the video game usually features real-life clubs, and in the case of Lasso, the same applies… sort of… with the character Lasso joined by Coach Beard, Jamie Tartt, Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya, Roy Kent and Isaac McAdoo.

An added feature for players is the ability to choose Ted Lasso as a manager in career mode. In addition, there are also options to create their own manager, select a real-world licensed manager to take control of AFC Richmond or even create a Player and join the AFC Richmond squad in any league.

The TV series has been a breath of fresh air ever since its release back in 2020 and was easily one of the shining lights during lockdown. Such is its popularity that it recently won its second Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, quite the achievement especially for a fairly new series.

“In a short time and with limited prior experience, Ted Lasso has become a cultural phenomenon, bringing the passion of football and the power of belief to life for millions of fans across the globe,” said David Jackson, VP of Brand for EA Sports FIFA, in a statement.

It doesn’t end there, EA also announced that there would be items to unlock, such as Ted Lasso and Coach Beard manager items, AFC Richmond kits, badges, flags and more. AFC Richmond’s home stadium, Nelson Road, will appear in Pro Clubs.

As we eagerly await the third and sadly final season of Ted Lasso, we’ll at the very least get a dose of it through the video game and, if anything, this ensures that good ol’ Ted will live on for much longer through FIFA 23.

EA plans to launch FIFA 23 on September 30 and will be available worldwide on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Stadia and Xbox One. Players that purchased Ultimate Edition will get early access on September 27.