This is what the Apple Watch Ultra costs in South Africa

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Ultra are now open in South Africa, with iStore announcing the local pricing of Apple’s flagship smartwatch. The Apple Watch Ultra was launched at its Far Out event this month, and is the first real new smartwatch form factor the company has unveiled since the original was launched.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is bulkier, tougher, and aimed at the extreme athlete. It has a larger display and chassis, a large bulge, curved sides, a more rugged design, and a lot of additional functionality to ensure you keep up with your fitness and never get lost.

If you see this device out in the wild, it is still unmistakably an Apple Watch. However, everything is turned up to the max. It has a bigger, bulging display, coming in at 49mm (the largest Apple Watch Series 8 has a 45mm display). It is undoubtedly more durable and tougher.  The new watch is crafted with high attention to detail, and it’s made out of Titanium to withstand even more environments. It is able to survive up to a depth of 100m for deep sea divers. And this is a recurring theme – Apple essentially spoke to all extreme athletes that didn’t use their Apple Watch and asked why. They tried to address all these shortcoming of its mainstream watch.

The Apple Watch Ultra has the brightest display ever fitted to a wearable the company has ever made. It can reach 2,000 nits at peak brightness and features a Night Mode that turns the display’s active elements red for improved visibility in the dark. The rugged smartwatch features a new action button below the digital crown. Users can customise the programmable button for various functions.

So what will this new wearable from Apple cost you in South Africa. It is now open for pre-order from iStore for R18,999.