We already have leaks about next year’s iPhone 15

Even though the iPhone 14 range has just launched, the first leaks regarding next year’s iPhone 15 range have started to surface. According to display analyst Ross Young, all of Apple’s iPhone 15 smartphones will have the same Dynamic Island screen cut-outs. Unfortunately, not all of the features currently exclusive to the Pro models’ displays will make its way down the range.

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According to Young, he expects that the ProMotion 120Hz displays currently found on the Pro models won’t come to the standard models. ProMotion not only has the faster refresh rates, but it is an LTPO panel that can reduce the refresh rate down to one frame per second in order to save battery life when displaying content that doesn’t change often (like browsing a website). However, it is expected to trickle down to the standard iPhone models in 2024.

It would make a lot of sense to give all the iPhones the Dynamic Island, as Apple is expected to keep it a ‘feature’ of the phones for some time into the future. It has spent a lot of time making the software take advantage of that empty space, but currently it only works on first party apps. Apple still needs to encourage developers to take advantage of it, and making it a feature on all the phones will likely entice more apps to use it.

Once iOS 16.1 arrives later this year, Dynamic Island will also work with Apple’s Live Activities API. It’s also a feature that would make the standard iPhone more appealing to consumers holding onto their current device.

For the unaware, the Dynamic Island notch is a black, pill-shaped cut-out that has replaced the ugly notch that was seen on all previous iPhone models. But unlike conventional notches and pill-shaped cut-outs we see on Android smartphones, Apple has blended this cut-out with the iPhone UI using animations.

The result is that Dynamic Island appears longer when the user interacts with it. For instance, users can see the notifications and even monitor live activities eventually. If the iPhone 15 line-up receives the Dynamic Island, one can expect the new design to continue for a few more generations.