SnapChat Plus rakes in more than a million paying subscribers

If you’d kind of forgotten about SnapChat, we wouldn’t have blamed you – considering the meteoric rise of TikTok and Instagram’s ardent attempts to clone any feature that is moderately successful, it would seem that the Snap brainchild hasn’t endured rosy weather.

However, fresh out of releasing its paid subscription tier – SnapChat Plus – just six weeks ago, the ephemeral social media network has already claimed to have amassed more than a million paying subscribers. Shareholders, rejoice!

SnapChat Plus subscriptions cost users $3.99 USD per month, and entitle customers to exclusive features such as the ability to download and use a desktop client, as well as other features such as enabling creators to see who has viewed their story.

New features, set to reach the paid platform in just a few days, will include the ability to implement cosmetic backgrounds for Bitmoji characters or the ability to set priority story replies when responding to Snap Stars.