VS Gaming Weekly Esports coming to the masses

VS Gaming Weekly, South Africa’s first free-to-air gaming show is coming to the masses and set to air every Wednesday at 17:30 on both SABC 3 and TelkomONE. The show comes on the back of the increased popularity in Esports. VS Gaming Weekly will make it possible for viewers to follow their favourite gamers and keep up with developments in the world of Esports and gaming.

Lifestyle, fashion and gaming YouTuber/content creators George Mnguni popularly known as ‘Okay Wasabi’ and digital entrepreneur Sibu Mpanza are confirmed as hosts of the show. VS Gaming is Mzansi’s largest independent gaming brand and the leading platform for online gaming in our continent. The show will bring the viewer an intimate look at players and teams that compete in the VS Gaming league and Esports scene as well as deeper insights from the VS Gaming Masters for CS:GO and Rocket League.

Robert Hart, Specialist said, “We have witnessed a massive rise in interest in gaming and Esports across the globe in recent years and our belief was that it was always a matter of time before we saw a similar boom take place in South Africa. Our hope is that VS Gaming Weekly will become a catalyst to a major rise in interest in local gaming and that it will illustrate to the country the amazing local Esports talent. I would like to thank our partners Telkom and SABC for helping to make this a reality and urge all of South Africa to check out the show and learn just how exciting Esports and gaming can be.”

Viewers will also be exposed to the latest in gaming news and trends weekly on the show. The show’s hosts will also interview and challenge celebrity guests, with the likes of CamCeej, Priddy Ugly, Candice Modisellle, CarpoMore set to feature.

Lined up on the show is an introduction to VS Gaming, a chat with the first eDiski festival winner Zuhair ‘Zaze’ Ebrahim about his historic win, and interviews with Esport gamers on the comparisons between PlayStation and Xbox. The show will also feature an interview with South African actor, stand-up comedian and scriptwriter, Mojak Lehoko followed by a friendly cuphead gaming session between Lehoko and Okay Wasabi.

Don’t miss VS Gaming Weekly, every Wednesday at 17:30 on SABC 3 and TelkomONE with repeats every Wednesday at 23:00 on SABC 1, Friday at 22:00 on SABC Sport, and Saturday at 11:00 on SABC Sport.