Details of rumoured extreme sports Apple Watch emerge

Apple will be launching an Apple Watch for “extreme sports athletes,” according to famed Apple reporter Mark Gurman. The new version of the Apple Watch will have a bigger display and much tougher design. The sports model, which hasn’t been given a name yet, will have a “nearly 2-inch display” with 7 percent more area than the one found on the larger 45mm watches and that it would be powered by a larger battery.

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It was previously thought that a rugged Apple Watch would simply have a more robust, rubberised exterior, and could be called the “Explorer Edition.” However, latest reports paint a different picture – the plan is for a watch with a “strong metal material rather than aluminium,” as well as a “more shatter-resistant screen.”

Apple already makes a Watch with tougher materials, but not something specifically geared towards the extreme sports crowd, and its design is identical to its main line of watches. It has a stainless steel and titanium models feature a “Sapphire crystal display” compared to the “Ion-X glass” found on the less expensive aluminium models. These devices are targeting customers that are more concerned with fashionable tech rather than being overly active.

The sports version will not look at fashionable or luxurious as the aforementioned Watch, naturally. But it looks like the sports watch will be just as expensive as the luxurious options – it is expected to cost $699, the same as the starting price of the current stainless steel model.

Furthermore, the reports claim that Apple is also working on a new version of the Apple Watch SE. The current model was launched in 2020 and the first time Apple released a less expensive version of its Watch, using leftover parts from previous models, hence being less powerful than its contemporary counterparts.