Soon you can channel surf on Twitch

Millennials are most likely the last generation that used to channel surf on a television, but what is old will be new again. In order to make content more discoverable, Twitch is testing a new feature to channel surf and preview a bunch of different streams. Called Channel Switcher, it will help you to find something new or interesting to watch.

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If there isn’t anything or anyone specific you are looking to watch on Twitch, it can be difficult to find something new and engaging. Users will usually check the homepage, scan the sidebar of people they follow, click into an individual game or category to browse who is live, or navigate directly to a streamer’s account. But if you are already on a stream and want to move on, you can only really click on another account you follow or browse back to the homepage.

Channel Switcher looks like it will be a much quicker way to check out many different streamers. You’ll be able to watch a 60-second preview of a stream before having to decide to click through or watch another channel, according to Twitch spokesperson Ashton Williams.

Only a select few number of users are currently able to use the feature as Twitch tests it out. According to Williams, “only a small percentage of users who are logged in” currently have access, and those who get it have been randomly selected. The experiment is slated to run until the middle of July, after which the company will analyse the results. The company will keep developing Channel Switcher in the meantime, and future iterations could include an opt-in version as well.

As YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming continues to grow, Twitch need to continually evolve to remain the dominant force in the streaming industry. This is only one new feature the company plans to launch soon, with more announcements coming soon.