Tesla Cybertruck finally gets new launch date

At the opening of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Texas, Elon Musk announced that the company will start selling the Cybertruck in 2023. Many thought that the cyberpunk design would be drastically changed once ready for production, but the Tesla CEO showed off the production version at the event that looks nearly identical to the first version showed off back in 2019, just losing the door handles (presumably for hidden ones like found on its other vehicles).

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The Cybertruck will be manufactured at the Texas factory, and Tesla believes it will become the “highest volume” car factory in the United States. Musk spoke about the various Gigafactories around the world and how the company decides which vehicles to produce where. Long version short – you build the cars as close as possible to where it will eventually be sold. The next year is all about scaling up production, which Musk says will be “a scale that no company has ever achieved in the history of humanity.” Next year will be  about “releasing a massive wave of new products.”

The Tesla Semi EV will also be released next year – another product that has been sitting in production delay for many years. It was originally announced back in 2017 – alongside the new Tesla Roadster, which is also nowhere to be found – and is meant to replace the aging semi-truck infrastructure in the United States. About 60 percent of all cargo tonnage in the United States is moved around the country via truck, and the industry employs about three million people. It has led to fears that Tesla’s autonomous driving technology would eventually eliminate a large proportion of these jobs.

Some other future products the company is said to be releasing soon includes the Optimus humanoid robot, and the aforementioned fully autonomous driving modes.