WhatsApp voice notes getting a huge upgrade soon

WhatsApp has announced some big incoming improvements to its platform, mainly focused on making voice notes significantly better. Most exciting to users is the ability to listen to a message while reading other chats and play messages at 1.5 or 2 times speeds.

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Another major improvement is the ability to pause and resume your recording, instead of having to delete and start from scratch. It means you don’t have to leave large gaps of silence if you’re thinking of what to say next or redo a recording if you need to have a brief conversation and make mistakes. Importantly, you’ll also be able to listen to a message before you send it to the recipient.

Visually the voice messages will also slightly change to make the UX more informative – instead of just using a line to show your voice message playback progress, WhatsApp will now use a waveform of the actual message. The app will now also remember where you were when you paused playback and let you start playing back from that point again so you don’t have to re-listen to an entire message.

WhatsApp now processes 7 billion voice messages per day, so all of these features will be welcomed warmly and used a lot, obviously. Some have pointed to the fact that many of these features are already available on other platforms like Telegram, which is true, but there is still no messaging platform that has close to the reach and usage of WhatsApp.

“Voice messages have made it quick and easy for people to have more expressive conversations. Showing emotion or excitement through voice is more natural than text, and in many situations, voice messages are the preferred form of communication on WhatsApp. It’s simple for anyone to use – for your family members who prefer to avoid typing, for your friends who love to tell stories, for your peers who need encouraging words, or for when you want to hear your partner’s voice at the end of a long day,” the company said in its statement.