BlackBerry will die on January 4th – again

While BlackBerry has had several deaths, so to speak, this time it is permanent for its legacy devices. On January 4th 2022, any phones or tablets running BlackBerry’s own software platforms (BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier, the later BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry PlayBook) will “no longer reliably function,” the company announced in a statement.

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That means these devices may not be able to do anything anymore, including phone calls, SMS, use data connections, use WiFi or even make emergency calls. We don’t expect many people are still using these devices from years yonder, but it is a final death nail for a much loved type of device, and will serve as a nostalgic paperweight from here on out.

Of course, BlackBerry has been rebooted in a sense by TCL, which has been launching Android-based BlackBerry devices since 2016. These devices won’t be affected, of course. The BlackBerry name will likely still linger on for several years, but the TCL rebrand hasn’t been very successful and neither has the latest attempt from OnwardMobility who is now licencing the legendary name and building a 5G Android-powered BlackBerry device with a full QWERTY keyboard. This latest device was to be released in 2021, but as you’re vcery well aware, this hasn’t come to fruition. So don’t be surprised if you see a similar headline sometime in the following three to five years.

The last time we announced the death of BlackBerry was in early 2020, but Research in Motion, the company that started the BlackBerry brand and device business has been very creative in how it’s been keeping the name alive. Unfortunately, the company that owned the QWERTY smartphone revolution have no plans to take their own brand back and make proper BlackBerry devices again.