Leaning into the internet memes and jokes commenting on its appearance, Microsoft have announced a mini fridge that looks like the Xbox Series X. It will cost $100 and pre-orders in the US and Canada start on October 19th and will ship before the holiday season in early December.

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The mini fridge stems from an early tweet, before the console was officially launched and available for purchase, where Microsoft compared the size of the box to a full-sized fridge (below). As you can imagine, that’s when the internet started with the memes and comparing the boxy look of the Xbox Series X to an actual fridge.

Microsoft then actually made the full-sized fridge for promotional material, and now a mini version of the fridge will actually go on sale, sporting the same design as the Xbox Series X. Microsoft worked with merchandise manufacturer Ukonic! on the mini fridge. The fridge can hold 12 cans of your preferred drink and can hold snacks in the door’s shelves as well. It also has a USB port on the exterior that you can use to charge your Xbox remote (or anything else, for that matter).