Apple is reportedly prepping an ‘M1X’ update to its Mac Mini

According to rumour, Apple’s fan-favourite Mac Mini will be the first Mac in line to benefit from a planned ‘M1X’ chipset upgrade, which will bring the mini PC ahead of the company’s computing range.

According to Power On, the M1X Mac Mini wouldn’t just feature a new chipset, but would further feature a new design and new ports. The Mac Mini was the first model to benefit from the M1 chipset through Apple’s Developer preview, though the device was intended as a replacement for entry-level computers and had fewer ports for peripherals than the company’s Intel-powered version.

Previously, Apple has unveiled ‘X’ series chipsets aboard its iPad models, which have more CPU and GPU cores when compared to ‘standard’ Apple silicon.

It remains to be seen just how the updated Mac Mini would complement Apple’s hardware lineup – while the device is a fan-favourite amongst hobbyists and those seeking an affordable entryway into all things Mac, the device has become remarkable for the fact that Apple would feasibly have selected the device to represent the future of its hardware lineup twice over if the M1X upgrade proves true.

The move is made more interesting when viewed alongside the fact that the Mac Mini’s design has been mostly unchanged (minus the removal of some ports) since 2010 – meaning that Apple may be readying a major design enhancement.

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