Microsoft Windows 11 leaks reveal a new design

While Microsoft launched Windows 10 under the claim that the new operating system would represent the frontier of Windows into the forseeable future – benefitting from iterative updates similar to MacOS – the company’s next release, Windows 11, has spilled out into the wild.

According to leaked images – should they be proven accurate – Microsoft has prepared a gentle overhaul of its operating system which introduces rounded corners, a simplified tray, and a center-aligned taskbar.

Windows 11 will apparently refresh the Start menu (again), and will feature power controls as well as pinned apps and recent files. Naturally, users can opt to move the Start menu to its original left-alignment.

A surprise introduction might be present in the form of (reincarnated) Windows Widgets, which could once again land on desktops.

For the most part, it seems that features of Microsoft’s now-canceled Windows 10X operating system have resumed their lease on life in Windows 11 – the latter operating system would reportedly enhance support for dual-screen devices and would feature new snapping controls to align an app when multitasking.

Microsoft’s next major event takes place on June 24th, where the Redmond giant will likely show off the future of Windows in greater detail.

Let’s hope the Microsoft Store sticks this time.

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